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Tasmania is a natural island located a little to the south-east corner of the well-known Australia and even though it’s 2000 Km away from Antarctica, it has a temperate climate and wonderful mountains, national parks and fertile soils. And it is here where the youngest type of whisky had its birth.

Few people know that before 1838 the Tasmanian whisky was a thriving business and because of Lady Jane Franklin, the Governor’s wife at that time, all the distilleries were shut down and proclaimed illegal. Ever since, laws have been overturned and so, after 150 years it appeared the first distillery. There are nine distilleries at the moment in Tasmania and they are all out to conquer. 

Sorry for the past, but moving forward

We all know women can be a little whimsical at times and it’s a shame that Lady Jane didn’t get to see the huge popularity and renown of the same drink she had prohibited. I bet her husband would have been excited to share a Tasmanian whisky with some friends. But all this doesn’t matter anymore because Tasmanians really made a come-back and no one can ignore that fact.

Experience and ingredients

Picture this remote, natural island with lots of vegetation, sun and the purest water you can imagine as the best environment to grow the cereals that will give us the oh-so-amber-like liquid with its multiple flavors.

Now, this industry is barely 20 years old but it has hard working and passionate people working around the clock to give us their best, their Tasmanian whisky. This whisky is made in the Scottish style, the difference is that they use smaller casks compared to Scotland, in a warm and dry climate and because of that the whisky develops faster.

Tips on serving the whisky and ideas of recipes

It is best enjoyed straight or with a little water to soften its strength but of course, it can be used the way you like it best. You will have to try one of their many recipes of cocktails too, I mean who wouldn’t love to try some Belgrove whisky with lemon juice and ginger beer, all beautifully combined and stirred in a highball glass?! It can be perfect for a summer day.

Whisky and tourism

Also because Tasmania rapidly became one of the best single malt whisky producer the tourism has been thriving. There are tours all over the island for everyone to get in touch with its history and get to know the people and places responsible for their well-known whisky. Travelers are encouraged to pick their own blocks of peat and make their own single malt whisky to take home. Now that’s an amazing adventure and souvenir at the same time.

All in all this whisky is as great drink as any. It brings new flavors and pure ingredients and it can easily satisfy any demands. Even connoisseurs like Jim Murray agreed that this whisky became one of the world’s whiskies of the moment.