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Organizing A Batch Get Together

Organizing A Batch Get Together

If you have not met up with your school mates in a very long time, it might be a good idea to take the initiative and organize a meet up for you and your class mates. Everyone knows that school batch meet ups are things that are always planned but never materialize and therefore, if you are going to take the reins, it is important that you follow a few steps to make it happen.

Choose a convenient location

It is important for you to keep in mind that unlike when you were teenagers, all of your schoolmates are possibly parents and also full time workers now and therefore, coming out at night for a dinner however short is going to be something that will take a lot of planning and effort. As such, the best option would be to choose one of the bars, pubs or restaurants  in your area that has easy access for everyone. However, it is vital that you keep in mind that not everyone drinks alcohol and not everyone eat meat. In fact, people who do not drink alcohol or eat any kind of meat are becoming more and more common in this day and age and therefore, you will need to make sure that the location you choose has food and drink options for those with different dietary principles.

If you have a big crowd, you will need to look for places with a function room hire in order for you to ensure your ability to have your privacy and your freedom as a group during your meet up. It is important for you to be flexible and get feedback from everyone concerned regarding dates, times and locations. There will always be a few people who will not be able to make it on every day that you try to plan for but as long as the majority is able to make it, you should stick to the date that you have planned. It might also be a good idea for you to appoint a committee of sorts to try and take on different tasks associated with the event. You will also need to decide if the event is going to be for your classmates only or for your classmates and their spouses or alternatively, if it is going to be a family event. Each of these has their own positives and negatives. Having an event solely for your classmates will ensure an evening away from family in order to bond and talk about old times with your friends.

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