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Eat Your Fast-Food Fill And Water It Down With A Good Homemade Brew

Eat Your Fast-Food Fill And Water It Down With A Good Homemade Brew

Fat food is very much a part of our ordinary lives now: when we wake up late for work and in need of a quick fix on our way to office, a hasty lunch when on route to meet a client or after, a quick bite in between work when you realize that you won’t be joining your loved ones friends for dinner because of the workload. Fat food has evolved into a much more venerable status than just another guilty pleasure. It has literally become routine; a survival mechanism. We crave a good fast food fix at any time. The ‘yang’ is the supplementary beverage. Apart from the complimentary diet coke here, and the juice there, lots and lots of people are keen on indulging a good brew in the evening, after work, before they decide to head home. This is more than a craving. This has become a common denominator; it is the ultimate relax-active (unless over indulged, there is little that is harmful in consuming a bit; it could well be how you have learned to cope with work stress: sitting down for a quick fix with your friends and work mates after a hard day’s labor and enjoying the warmth and relaxation that it provides, is something that surely should be treasured). 
Nectar of the gods
A good homemade brew is the nectar of the gods. Often called ‘craft beers Hong Kong’ (or microbrews, as they were earlier known), these beer-brews are manufacturer for a more domestic market, and in a relatively smaller scale in comparison with the other big-name large scale manufacturers and distillers. The quantity, although relatively lesser, is not insignificant at all, and in fact may sometime rival the output of many relatively less preferred brew labels. The key ingredients may vary, the specialty is the extra attention given to various stages of the manufacturing process and the ingredients used in treating the product: there is an all-round exotic feeling. If you are a beer-nerd as such, then you are forgiven for indulging a variety of this exclusive type and shunning the mass market product: whatever that gets you ticking and toning. 
Feel it crunch and melt
Is there anything that feels more heavenly than the soft crunch of the best burger that you are can in town? 
You may be in all kinds of meat, but the joint that will fix you up and deliver upon all your meaty fantasies could just be around the corner. Don’t look for the regular MNC joint. That rough and patch few blocks away could be the best spot.

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